March 12, 2018 – This lucky puss might not have nine lives, but he certainly has more than one!

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is appealing for information about a cat found impaled on metal fence posts in London in the early hours of Friday morning (9 March) – as the moggy recovers from major surgery which saved his life.

The discovery was made by a passer-by who found the helpless ginger cat impaled on the 8ft tall railings at approximately 3.50am last Friday, on Flowers Close in Cricklewood.

They immediately phoned the RSPCA for help, and deputy chief inspector Nicole Broster rushed to the scene, fearing the worst.

She said: “When I took the emergency call about a cat impaled on fence posts, I was extremely worried and couldn’t believe that the cat was still alive. When I got there I was incredibly shocked – in all my years with the RSPCA I have never seen anything like it. This poor cat literally had two metal posts protruding through his body.

“I was amazed that this lovely affectionate boy was still alive and I knew I had to get him urgent help in order to give him the best chance of survival. I realised that trying to remove him from the railings myself was not a viable option and could have caused him even more damage.

“I phoned the London Fire Brigade and asked them to attend with their specialist equipment in the hope they could cut the metal railings and we could get the cat to a vet as quickly as possible.

“The fire service were absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank them enough. Not only did they cut the railings, they also transported the cat to the nearest vets in Hendon as the railings wouldn’t fit in my vehicle.

“They even stayed to help at the vets by holding up the heavy railings so I could comfort the poor cat while the vet examined him and prepared for emergency surgery.

“He was so brave, continuously purring and nudging me whilst I comforted him despite his horrendous ordeal. The only time he ever cried was if I had to leave him to help with his treatment.”

After the operation on Friday, the vet discovered the fence posts had narrowly missed the cat’s vital organs, with one piercing his back leg and a second piercing his abdomen. Since the fence posts were removed, the cat has been recovering well.

“It’s an absolute miracle that this cat is alive, and even better, it’s looking like he won’t even have to have the damaged leg amputated. In fact, he is doing so well he’s already up on his feet and walking which is astounding, I can’t quite believe how lucky he is,” she added.

The male ginger and white cat is not microchipped and DCI Broster who is leading the investigation is continuing to make enquiries. The RSPCA told Pet News Today it is believed the cat slipped or jumped from a balcony on a nearby block of flats and became impaled, however, nothing is being ruled out as a possible cause at this stage.

Anyone with any information can call the RSPCA’s Inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.


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