July 26, 2016 – RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre in North Yorkshire, England, is looking for homes for seven fun and friendly ferrets.

Females Belle, Snowy, Jasmine (pictured) and Willow, and males Wilfred, Norman and Horris, are all hoping to be snapped up by adopters soon.

Norman was rescued by an inspector in Leeds and Wilfred ended up at the centre after being found as a stray. The other ferrets were rescued by an inspector.

Great Ayton’s deputy manager, Olivia Duffill, said: “If you love mischievous, silly and funny pets, then ferrets may be an ideal pet for you.

“Ferrets can be very rewarding pets but are often overlooked by potential adopters… when handled and trained, [they] will give you hours of endless fun and laughter.”

Ferrets are social animals and so should live with at least one other ferret or in a group (called a ‘business’). They can be litter trained as well as harness trained, so they can go out for walks and adventures outside.

They need to be fed a good quality kibble diet to help keep them happy and healthy.

If you think you could give one of these cheeky ferrets a new home, please visit the centre or call 0300 123 0743.



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