November 10, 2016 – It may be impossible to herd cats, but apparently it is possible to teach your feline friend how to play ball, high five, play hide and seek and even sit on your shoulder.

That’s according to London publishing house, Quercus, which has ‘appified’ the very popular book by David Alderton, How Smart is Your Cat?’.

The ‘How Smart is Your Cat?’ app will also allow you to test your pet’s IQ and see how she/he compares to other cats.

You can measure the progress of your puss as you are guided through six sets of questions which will uncover whether they are a supurrstar, and share the results (if you’re feline inclined to do so!). You’ll also learn how to understand some of your cat’s more baffling behaviours and communicate with her/him more effectively.

The app is available for iOS devices for £1.49 on iTunes here and for £1.99 on GooglePlay for Android devices here.

David Alderton is well known for his books on pet care, which have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold in excess of 5 million copies worldwide. He was awarded the prestigious Maxwell Medallion by the Dog Writers’ Association of America and won accolades from the Cat Writers’ Association of America. David has written numerous articles about pets and their care, and has taken part in radio phone-ins and television programmes. He originally trained as a vet, but was forced to give up in his final year due to developing allergic dermatitis.

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