October 5, 2016 –  Recent research has revealed that if you have a pet, you might need to pay even closer attention to the small print of your home insurance policy.

Unless you’ve taken out specific accidental damage coverage, then you may not be covered if your pet damages your home – and most pet insurance policies don’t cover any damaged caused to pet a owner’s property or possessions. Some 78% of Brits said their pet has caused damage to their home in the past year and 24% of those said they were unsuccessful when they tried to claim on content damage caused by their pets. A further 42% said they were unsure what animal damage their home insurance covers.

Cats are the most calamitous culprits, causing 62% of home insurance pet damage claims, with dastardly dogs responsible for 59%. The seemingly harmless hamster, takes the third spot for causing 25% of pet damage home insurance claims, with rabbits and gerbils tailing in fourth and fifth place with 18% and 11% respectively.

came in a taking the third spot. Those cute little balls of fluff are also cited as causing personal physical damage to one in four (25%) of survey respondents, who said that they’d suffered trips and falls as a result of the hamsters escaping or using their exercise balls!

The survey found the most common damage caused by pets was destroying valuable items 33%, building damage 29%, scratching and tearing both at 25%, chewing 19% and fouling 10%.

However, pets aren’t the sole animal offenders, with uninvited wildlife  causing damage to 36% of UK homes. Birds, squirrels and foxes seem to be cause the most problems, but there have been claims based on badger and even snail-related damage. Again, not all insurance providers will honour these claims.

The survey was commissioned by insurance and Money-Mate.


Polly Stewart
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