June 9, 2016 – Christchurch New Zealand-based animal photographer Craig Bullock is hosting a special fundraising event on 25 June to support local charity,K9 Rescue and Rehoming and mark the opening of his new studio FURtography Pet Portraits.

The fundraiser theme is Winter Wonderland, and the photography will capture pets’ unique personalities set against a beautiful winter backdrop. The event, which will run form 9am until 5pm will be held at the KURI Centre (a dog training, day care, grooming & health care centre), where Craig’s new studio will be situated.

For a fee of $NZ25 per animal, pet owners will receive a 15-minute photography session, with the full fee donated to K9 Rescue and Rehoming. 

“I believe that K9 Rescue and Rehoming are doing an incredible job at helping animals in need within our community,” Craig said, adding, “This is the first of what I hope will be many fundraising events at my new FURtography Studio at the wonderful KURI Centre.”

“I believe that every pet owner deserves to have an image of his or her dog that captures the animal’s spirit and personality,” Craig said. “Pets are often considered family members and this is an awesome opportunity not only to create a unique experience with your pet, but also create images that will bring you a lifetime of memories.”

“I’m honoured to be able to help raise funds for K9 Rescue and Rehoming whose incredible work benefits animals in need. It’s a win-win.”

It is expected that the majority of animals attending the event will be dogs, but Craig emphaised, “Any animal is welcome, as long as it will fit through the door!”

Craig is the photographer behind best-selling books A Dog’s Life, Quake Cats and Quake Dogs. Sales of the Quake books have now raised over $NZ25,000 for animal rescue organisations.

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