February 19, 2016 – Calvin the Golden retriever is making good progress after injuring himself on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Brisbane last month.

Pet News Today reported at the time of incident that a vet said Calvin had become so distressed during the flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, he had torn claws out of his front paws trying to escape the crate he was travelling in.

Calvin still has his legs bandaged, and the bandages need to be changed every two to three days, his owner Arjun Sivadasan said.

“I can now take him for short walks for about 100 metres or so, he needs to take breaks when I walk him, because his paws are still very sore, so I haven’t taken him to the park yet,” he added.
Arjun has noticed that Calvin is very careful how he places his paws on the ground, and isn’t as playful as he was before he injured himself.

Arjun said apart from recovering from his injuries Calvin is adjusting well to his new home and happy to be back with him. He also has a dog friend Jericho, a German shepherd, who Arjun is looking after for a friend to keep him company. The bandages on Calvin’s legs should be able to come off in about 10 days, though the vet has told Arjun it will be at least another three to four months until Calvin completely recovered.

Arjun said he received an email from animal transport company Jetpets yesterday, saying the company has offered to pay for Calvin’s vets bills, which at the moment are around $A1,000. Jetpets had arranged Calvin’s flight from Melbourne to Brisbane on Qantas. Arjun has made a formal complaint to Qantas to try and discover what could have caused Calvin to become so distressed on the January 30 flight. He is hoping to hear back from them in the next few days.

He has also made a complaint to Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is waiting to hear back from them. Arjun said the whole experience has taken its toll emotionally on him, but he is pleased that Calvin is getting better.

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