April 9, 2016 – Charlie is a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Sydney Silky cross. He lives in Pinehaven, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

His humum, Jo Dunshea, said he is a little cutie who loves walks.

“He gets very jealous if we pay more attention to the cats instead of him. He has to sit beside me on the couch with one front paw on my leg just like he is saying, ‘She is mine, move away!’. He loves playing with Poppy [one of Jo’s cats].”

Charlie loves bananas and Jo told Pet News Today that whenever she peels one, no matter where he is, he will hear it and come running.

“He hates any noisy tools or vacuum cleaners and attacks them almost like he is defending us,” Jo said.‬‬‬

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