March 17, 2017 – A survey by pet insurance provider helpucover has found that 42% of UK pet owners would willingly risk their own lives to save their pet from a dangerous situation, either by running back into a burning building to rescue a pet still inside, or by jumping into treacherous waters to prevent their pet from drowning.

When it comes to pet health, 12% of pet owners surveyed revealed they would happily re-mortgage their homes if it meant having to come up with the funds for an expensive operation for their pets. Over a third, or 35%, said they would sue someone if they thought they had harmed their pet in any way and it doesn’t stop there…

Some 10% of respondents said they’d be happy to spend over £100 on presents for their pets and 8% said they started a social media account for their beloved animal.

A third of pet owners said they would sell their most valuable possessions and 40% said they’d give up an expensive hobby if they were struggling financially and it meant being able to keep their pets in the lap of luxury. Taking things a step further, 18% said they are planning to, or already have, included their pet in their will.

Some 20% of pet owners said they throw birthday parties for their pets and nearly half, or 46%buy their pets birthday and Christmas presents every year.

A quarter of respondents said they would split with a boyfriend or girlfriend if they did not like their pet and 10% said they would go as far as divorcing a spouse who didn’t like their pet.

There was an interesting split between the opinions of dog and cat owners too. Dog owners are more financially generous, with 18% saying they would spend up to £100 on their pets’ presents, compared to just 8% of cat owners, and 70% of dog owners said they would buy their pet birthday and Christmas presents, whereas only 54% of cat owners would do the same.

More dog owners would sell their own possessions to keep hold of their pet – 48% compared to 35% of cat owners and they were also more likely to risk their lives for their pets, with 72% saying they would willingly risk drowning to save their dog, in comparison to 65% of cat owners.


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